v-day gift ideas…

Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday, as my husband likes to remind me….still…I love it.

I know, I know…we shouldn’t need a specifically sanctioned day to show our loved one that we do indeed love them, but isn’t it nice to get that chance? To say, “I love you everyday, but today I want to make sure I express that in a way that is not usual.”

After all, I don’t know about the rest of you, but daily living gets tedious and neither myself, nor Michael, always remembers to consistently surprise the other with a note or special meal or flowers or whatever it may be that’s out of the ordinary.

So, that’s why I love Valentine’s Day…it’s the day I get to do that. 🙂

We’ll be in Italy for Valentine’s Day this year (have I mentioned that? 😉 ), so I’m working on Michael’s present now…a photo-centric gift from snapfish.com. Not that I’m worried he’ll read this, but just in case I won’t say exactly what it is….

I wanted to share this with you, because right now snapfish.com is running a deal: free shipping on orders over $20 until Feb. 6.

I love good deals and that’s a pretty good one, as far as gift ideas go in my opinion. We’ll see if Michael agrees when I give it to him in Rome! 🙂


Christy Parry is amazing!

Hello to everyone out in blog land…even though my consistent readership marks only about three 😉

After watching “Julie & Julia” the other night, I was inspired to dive into this blog with new abandon…however, I don’t have any seemingly original thoughts with which to jazz up the page right now. But, you’ll be the first to know if/when inspiration strikes!

For now, I realized that I hadn’t put any photos up from our Christy Parry photoshoot in December…She really is so talented and I love how we get awesome pictures when all we’re really doing is walking around and hanging out with each other. I have some up on facebook already, but here are a few that I haven’t published thus far….