can’t get enough of “Young House Love”!

When a friend of mine recently dropped the name of a blog called “Young House Love,” I had never heard of it before. But you better believe I’m addicted now!!

John and Sherry Petersik

They are totally my kind of couple and as I sit here reading all of their tips, tricks and DIY ideas I am suddenly overcome with the undeniable urge to DO SOMETHING!! I feel like making a fabric headboard, repainting all of my trim, running down to IKEA, heading out to a thrift store, yanking all of the furniture out of our house and bringing it back in (or not) piece by piece until I achieve the exact look I’m going for…which might be hard, since I don’t have a detailed vision yet, just a feeling I desire to convey. So how do I get from here to there? Young House Blog even has a section to help you with that (Pin Down Your Style or Decorate in Stages)!!!

Check out this monogram art piece that I’m definitely going to replicate somewhere in my house (with an “F” of course)! SO easy and lovely!!!

Detailed instructions on how to create your own can be found here. (p.s. That’s a Halloween/fall motif they’ve set up on the entryway table.)

It really is one of the best step-by-step blogs I’ve ever come across and I’m sure it will be a repeat destination in my internet search history.


once upon a rainy thursday…

We’ve been having such gorgeous weather (“hot,” according to my husband, but I LOVE it!) that I almost don’t mind the rain today. Plus, on the bright side, it’s washing away the yellow film of pollen that has absolutely covered EVERYTHING outdoors.

So, browsing the web it is!

Here are some of the things I can’t get enough of:

{From top to bottom, left to right, images found: Eden Roc (I just LOVE the lobby, it’s such a beautiful mix of vintage and contemporary); J. Crew ; Harbor Beach Resort (I’m going to be here in a week!); Peter Som (Spring-Summer ’09 Collection); BBB Craft Sisters (crafty blogging site)}

coffee and blogs

Good morning! Today is a busy day that includes chauffeuring my Mom to a medical appointment and then running to the Goodwill in Buckhead to see if there might, just might, be any unbelievable finds that have been waiting for me to come rescue them and take them home.
I’ll let you know how it goes…
For now, as I sip some coffee and scroll through some of my favorite blogs…I will leave you with a few inspiring stylings:

i love little nooks like this one that have so much going's all about layering and light

{image from Things That Inspire}

how cool are these table and chairs?!

{image from apartment therapy}

inspirational compilations…

I don’t feel very well today, so I am distracting myself with inspirational blogs.

There are some really good ones out there.

I don’t really feel like moving and at the same time I feel like running out and trying to spruce up my house on the cheap.¬†Instead, I think I’ll compile some of my latest inspirations into a file so that I can continually refer to them. While I do that…check out this post on decor8.

I LOVE the way the photos make me feel, it makes me want to design a space around them. I probably won’t ever do it, but I love thinking about it for now.