she & him…

How cute is Zooey Deschanel? I just love her style and quirk. Adorable.

{image by Peggy Sirota, via Vanity Fair}

Did you know she’s in a band? Not everyone realizes it, but she is the “she” of She & Him (folk-rocker, M. Ward, serves as “him”). And what’s more…she writes a lot of their music. They have a really unique sound that seems to be channeled from sometime years ago. I love that most of all.

They come out with a new record today (Volume Two), which is why Vanity Fair recently did this short piece on them.

Here’s one of the first singles from the new record:

She & Him – In The Sun from Merge Records on Vimeo.

updates to ChrissyRox…

I’ve been prompted to post some of the things I’ve been working on recently to my very-neglected Etsy site. If you see something you like, let me know. Or, if you have something particular in mind I’m all ears! I’m DEFINITELY open to special orders! But, by all means, don’t get hung up on the price. Let me know what you want to pay. I’m really feeling all of those kinds of specifics out still.

For now, check out the new ChrissyRox stuff that has been uploaded to Etsy…and let me know what you think!

toddler chic…

Maybe it’s just the newness of spring in the air, but I’ve been inspired to get crafty again.

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to accessorize a t-shirt for her daughter’s second birthday party. She mentioned a few ideas she had and then left the creative process solely up to me.

With as many shirts as I have done recently, I hadn’t done any baby clothing, which made me semi-nervous. But, the process was actually quite freeing! Follow my logic here; adult women don’t want cupcakes on their t-shirts, but how adorable are t-shirts with cupcakes on them?!! If I wasn’t so chic-minded (riiiight…wink), I would be half tempted to make myself one! My point is, prior to all of our grown up style aesthetics the world is a much larger, more interesting place. A place where cupcakes on t-shirts are beautiful and not silly. A place where lovely possibilities are boundless. I kind of liked living in that wide open world…if only for a few hours.

See what you think about the shirt I came up with:

After I finished that one, I was on such a roll that I also designed this one for my niece:

Today, I’m hoping to do one for another niece and, who knows, maybe I’ll put them on etsy and take some orders?! 🙂

**NOTE** The mission to improve upon my wine bottle centerpiece is ongoing and I will be uploading new pics of how it looks as I progress. 🙂

pop a cork on spring!

To be honest, I can’t quite figure out why I’m inside right now when the loveliness of spring is tapping on my window. Outdoors blue skies and less-icy weather are begging me to come out and play! Alas, I’m an unfortunate adult with work to do…blah…oh to be a kid again!

Taking a short break I wanted to post some recent spring related decor updates I’ve undertaken.

If you’ve seen my house and where I live you know that it’s almost cabin-like in its remoteness and architectural style. Therefore many of the wonderful decorating inspirations I come across are hard to mesh what we’ve got to work with – speaking in terms of design and budgetary constraints.

So, when I was shown this idea, I jumped on it!

It was cheap, doable, and, most of all, so lovely! At least to me…

All I did was wash out various sized and shaped wine bottles (thanks Brittney!) and peeled off the labels. Then I chose several complimentary faux flower stems at my local craft store. I picked out an arrangement of peonies and hydrangeas in three different color shades to highlight the advent of spring while making sure it didn’t clash with the rest of my house. You can use whatever flower you like best!

I’m not done tweaking (in fact I’ve pushed the arrangement closer together since these pics were taken) and may yet add to it…we’ll see 😉

See what you think. I’d love to hear what you’ve done to spruce up your space for spring?!

lonny magazine

I’m sick today…ugh. But if you’re going to be sick, it might as well be on a cold, rainy and dreary gray day, right? I guess it’s not so bad to be snuggled up in bed on a day like today after all.

I’m trying to get some work done, but I’m so tempted to ditch it for a day of browsing online magazines and blogs! Here’s one of the latest online mags I’ve enjoyed: Lonny Magazine. Thanks for the tip Rachel!

Anyone familiar with the now defunct domino magazine will love Lonny! Partially produced by some of the same people, it’s got that same great easy-to-achieve-glam feeling. The products, staging and copy are all very inspiring. And, as far as I know, they are still only online right now…so it’s free! But, my favorite thing about the magazine being online is that when something catches your eye as you digitally flip through, you can click on it and instantly transport to the site where it’s sold! How cool is that?! It’s definitely a great thing for me since I’m constantly taking notes on which items or articles I want to do further online research later. This makes it soooo much simpler!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

{image from Lonny Magazine}

do-it-yourself acid wash

Unfortunately I don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on my home or wardrobe…the Potterybarn and J. Crew coffers weep for me I’m sure.

So adjustments must be made.

This past week, after leafing through several magazines I decided I would try to acid wash/tie dye my own jeans.

Cue the ominous music.

I had the perfect pair of dark skinnies that were no longer in my regular rotation. And my sister-in-law, Brittney, had a pair of old “boyfriend” style jeans tucked away into some forgotten corner as well. We figured if we ruined them, they would be no worse for wear. After looking up a how-to guide on the internet we tried to follow it as best we could.

Um, problem.

The guide was fairly vague and didn’t explain every step, so I took liberties. I dunked the jeans in a bucket of hot water and added about two cups of bleach. When I returned to look at them several minutes later, the water was the dark color of coke and the jeans looked absolutely no different.

So, “emergency” measures were taken and the game plan changed completely. Here is a loose guide on what we found worked best – follow at your own risk…or rather, at the risk of your jeans 🙂

-Wear old clothes and latex gloves!

-Lay the jeans out flat on concrete. Place cardboard underneath if you don’t want the bleach to go through.
I was going for the splotched look, but if you have other ideas, wad up towels or newspaper inside of the legs so the bleach doesn’t go through to the other side.

-Using an old paintbrush, or drinking straw (dependent upon the effect you want) drip/brush on the bleach. I used both to create my effect.

-The bleach may not look like it’s taking effect right away. Don’t worry, it is. Let the jeans stand alone for 30-60 minutes, dependent upon how you want it to look.

-Place immediately into the washer on the cold water setting. The true look will be apparent once the wash cycle is over.

-Repeat steps as necessary.

(For the distressed look: snip cuts into the fabric where you’ve used the bleach. Pull at the threads to begin the distress. Take a piece of sandpaper and rubbed it down for several minutes. After it goes through the washer, the effect will be even greater.)

Here’s the final product…until I decide to distress them even more 😉



“series of doors”

I haven’t posted much about our trip to Italy yet and it’s coming, I promise. However, instead of posting some huge blog about anything and everything we experienced (a giant task for me and probably quite boring to you), I’ve decided to post little bits here and there. Hopefully, it might be a little more interesting that way, all around.

To begin, is a “series of doors” that Michael shot.

Our first day in Rome found us wandering through the most historic parts of the city.

Anyone watching the two of us would have found me looking down – into a book. I was continually reading about every little rock and post we passed (sometimes out loud to Michael, whether he was interested or not). I was trying not to miss anything I might have when I first visited during 2004. However, they would have seen Michael – looking up. He was drinking it all in…and he was holding the camera.

When I finally did tear my eyes away from the book-to-the-rock-to-the-post-and-back-to-the-book sequence I had down, I noticed Michael staring at doors. He told me that his sister-in-law, Stephanie, used to have pictures of doors in her apartment. He liked the idea that doors had the ability to sum up an entire view, an entire feeling, an entire structure. And if you’ve been to Rome, you know…they have doors. So, using our little point-and-shoot he tried to capture what we were experiencing. I only wish we had a better camera so the quality was greater.

These are for you Stephanie 🙂

an entrance into what was the former Vatican at San Giovanni

an alley near the Colosseo

a gated entrance into Palatine Hill

an ancient door in the Roman Forum

near the Roman Forum

the famous bronze doors from Constantine's day in the portico at St. Peter's Basilica

a door found in the wall along the ancient Appian Way into Rome

coffee and blogs

Good morning! Today is a busy day that includes chauffeuring my Mom to a medical appointment and then running to the Goodwill in Buckhead to see if there might, just might, be any unbelievable finds that have been waiting for me to come rescue them and take them home.
I’ll let you know how it goes…
For now, as I sip some coffee and scroll through some of my favorite blogs…I will leave you with a few inspiring stylings:

i love little nooks like this one that have so much going's all about layering and light

{image from Things That Inspire}

how cool are these table and chairs?!

{image from apartment therapy}


Amazing Zara spring 07 fashions aside, this stunning dustjacket attic blog is completely captivating with photos by Carter Smith. The next time I go to Italy, I wanna go here!

Positano was on my shortlist for honeymoon destinations, unfortunately we got married at the beginning of the economic decline (prior to any reduction in travel expense, in other words, money was low and prices were high) and weren’t able to go. We did just make up for it with a 9-day trip to Rome last month, but I’m really hoping my next trip to Italy will be southern, sunny and sandy 🙂


For those of you who love fashion and great deals, I just stumbled upon: ideeli.

It’s a membership-based website (the bottom tier, or “2nd Row” as a nod to fashion show infrastructure, is free) that allows customers to sort through designer wares at sample sale prices.

photo by: jupiterimages

I signed up, but haven’t made a purchase yet. I’m waiting for that really amazing deal to make me pull out the credit card…and in this economy, I mean REALLY amazing. 🙂