it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Ok, so I know that we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet, but since we go to Florida with my family for Christmas I like to get it done a little early. That way, our house is mostly “dressed and ready” for the holidays when we come back (Nov. 30 this year)!

I know that Christmas is becoming too commercialized. I realize that almost as soon as the summer ends most stores start sneaking out the tinsel in subtle (and not so subtle) ways. Some even set up a stray Christmas tree near the back…just to remind us, just to entice us, just to make sure we are ready to spend, spend, spend…

And we do.

And though I’m not completely immune to all of that consumerism, I never want to become ambivalent about what Christmas is truly about. I never want to drive past a nativity without remembering. I never want to be so caught up in the glitter that I forget where the true glory remains. I want the entire season to be about more than candy canes, hot chocolate and the scent of pine and cinnamon (although I adore all of those things!).

Ever since I can remember I loved watching those Christmas-y commercials. You know the ones…the ones where the entire family is gathered around the tree or the grandma is pulling a turkey from the oven, or the doorbell rings and the family runs to listen to carolers…those ones.

Something about them has always appealed to me. I was thinking about that the other day and I realized I love the “feeling” they projected more than whatever product they were selling.

I pray it always stays that way. I pray I can still hold onto the wonder of the season without resorting to cheap materialism. I pray the twinkle of lights, lights a flame in my spirit and not just my wallet.


Holly and I in front of the Rockerfeller tree in 2006.


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